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If you drive a Forester, Outback, Impreza, WRX, XV or BRZ, you have come to the right place. We have built a reputation, have extensive experience and can deliver results for you and your Subaru.

During service we don’t just top up the oil and pump the tyres! We monitor your driving needs, check the vehicle for safety and reliability, work honestly and efficiently, while being guided by Subaru’s recommend online schedules. We build a relationship, provide reports on scheduled up coming requirements and can spread out your expenses if you wish. There will be no nasty surprises or unnecessary breakdowns, giving you confidence, safe driving and peace of mind. We are here to provide this service Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm. Enquires are welcomed by email, telephone or in person if you have additional concerns.

We are confident with the Subaru branding having worked in the vehicle service industry for many years. Provided below is some information to help with your confidence in purchasing a Subaru, if your not already a loyal owner. We do recommend a vehicle inspection prior to purchasing a vehicle, giving you the confidence to move forward. We are happy to report, estimate any upcoming repairs, discuss and alert you to any common issues that may arise.

Subaru’s are built to last, come with 5 star ANCAP safety rating and are packaged in an attractive sleek body.

Horizontal apposed boxer engine uses a driving monitoring system providing higher performance and more intelligent driving.

The symmetrical all wheel drive system is in a class of it own and is featured in all models.

They have a global platform for stability ensuring comfortable driving dynamics and increased safety.

Your Subaru will last for years when serviced regularly by a qualified technician in our experienced workshop.

Widerange Auto Service specialises in Subaru repairs to all models. Full warranty servicing and repairs guaranteed for your new Subaru. All the benefits for Subaru owners of a small workshop. Competitive prices and personalized Subaru service. Log book service to ensure Subaru schedules and recommendations. Using Subaru technology and latest diagnostic equipment. Specialised equipment, knowledge, experience and expertise.

Proprietors visit the…..


We were privileged to complete a business and information tour package. With a personal tour guide and presenter we were treated like royalty.This was a once in a lifetime experience, it was really inspiring and definitely a memory we will treasure. Robots, machines and technicians working together to complete a new Subaru in minutes. In addition we were able to stroll back through history, in the comprehensive museum to see where it all began.

Please enjoy these photo’s taken in the plant museum.