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ANDREW NESTOR - Proprietor

Andrew has a love of cars and a passion for the mechanical industry.  His ongoing dedication to a career in business and mechanics has been a successful and enjoyable one.  Along the way he has accumulated an extreme wealth of respect, knowledge and experience.

Andrew was experimenting and fixing cars in his parents back shed before he could reach the accelerator pedals or steering wheel.  He completed his apprenticeship at Quay Motors in Fremantle, being rewarded as workshop foreman immediately after becoming qualified at the age of nineteen.  After this Andrew worked at BP Spearwood and Moloch Mechanical in Willetton for a short time ... before the birth of his very own successful business.

Widerange Auto Servicebegan in 1983.  Andrew has enjoyed over 36 years of hard work, learning and growing, gaining the respect of his clients, peers and staff.   Over this time he has trained and mentored many many young lads who have gone on to be amazing technitians and useful workers.

Andrew's enjoys Windsurfing, so if it is windy hejust may be at the beach.  Andrew has been happily married to his teenage sweetheart, business partner Kaye and they have raised a close knit family.


KAYE NESTOR - Proprietor

Kaye's passion for business came at a very early age, starting with a comprehensive stamp collection ... with an extensive filing system.  With this her Mum announced  "a talent in business and administration".  This lead to Kaye working in accounting and secretarial clerk positions giving her much experience and confidence, prior to working at Widerange.

Kaye has kept the business office up to date while raising three beautiful and successful young adults.  Kaye and Andrew also have eleven fantastic grandchildren which keep them on their toes.

Kaye has a passion for nutrition and is a qualified fitness professional, recently working part time at Fernwood Health Club as a personal trainer.  Kaye also loves art and enjoys water colour and portiture.  


CAMERON FRIGERI - Mechanical Technician - commenced at Widerange 12/1/2011 ...

Cameron was trained by Widerange and is now an extremely diligent, competent fully certified motor technitian. Over the past eight years he has gained a great deal of knowledge and expertise in this industry and takes extreme pride in his work.  He is consistant, honest, hard worker and a very valued loyal staff member.  He is intentive and will always welcome everyone politely with a genuine warm smile.

Cameron is a country lad from Green Head, re-locating to Perth in Jan 2011 to join our team.  He has a passion for vehicles and vast worldly knowledge.  During our group lunches he always comes up with facts and figures to impress us all. 



LOCHLAN HEWITT - Apprentice Mechanic - commenced at Widerange 17/7/2017

Lochlan is young, keen, loves cars and is involved in motor sport and performance vehicles.  He is capable and very active in the workshop with knowledge above his years.  He is helpful, reliable and polite with clients and staff and has respect for the proceedures in place for his further learnng.  

He comes from a background, in out and around cars, bikes, sports, travel and opportunities to fuel his interests.  He has potential to be in the top of his field and we can see has an appreciation of this fantastic changing industry.




CHRIS CRABTREE - Mechanical Technician - Commenced 26/4/2012 - Resigned 28/07/2017

Updated July 2017 - Chris gained many skills while working with us and has now moved north for further development and opportunities.  He is in charge of a team of workers and is enjoying his fly in, fly out life.

...Chris has a quiet productive nature and is a confident fully certified motor mechanic.  He has a very intelligent nature and works really well with other staff and management.  He has a passion for computers and classic cars and drives a Skyline which is his pride and joy.  

He came to us with two years work experience after working with the Marine Defence Services where he had developed much general knowledge of equipment and motors.  Chris commenced his apprenticeship with us in 2012 with the added advantage of a great work edicate already having an  interest in the mechanical industry. 



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