The Subaru Experience.


Widerange Auto Service specialises in Subaru repairs to all make and models.


  • Full warranty servicing and repairs guaranteed for your new Subaru.
  • All the benefits for Subaru owners of a small workshop.
  • Competitive prices and personalized Subaru service .
  • Log book service to ensure all Subaru schedules and recommendations.
  • Using the lastest Subaru technology and latest diagnostic equipment.


Specialised equipment, knowledge, experience and expertise.  We proudly guarantee quality Subaru service with leading technology and the use of genuine Subaru parts.



Proprietors Andrew and Kaye Nestor visit the.....

Subaru ASSEMBLY PLANT  Gunma  Tokyo JAPAN in 2008

We were privileged to have had a complete business and information tour package.  With a personal tour guide and presenter we were treated like royalty.  This was a once in a lifetime experience, it was really inspiring and definitely a memory we will treasure. 

Robots, machines and people working together to complete new Subaru vehicles in minutes.  It was a very busy and professional place. In addition we were able to stroll back through time in there comprehensive museum to see where it all began.  Please enjoy these photo's taken in museum.


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