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The condition and reliability of your car is greatly effected by routine services.  That's why at Widerange  we consider regular quality servicing so important to prevent mechanical problems in the future, saving you time and money in the long run.  Details have been included below as to what is done during service to your vehicle at Widerange. 




  • Change engine oil and filter.
  • Check condition of brake pads, brake hoses and discs.
  • Check tyre condition and pressures, including spare.
  • Check steering ball joints.
  • Check steering box or rack assembly.
  • Check shock absorber condition and operation.
  • Check transmission, differential oil and oil condition.
  • Grease as required.
  • Check exhaust system and rubber mountings.
  • Check battery electrolyte levels and load capacity.
  • Check air filter and fan belts.
  • Pressure test cooling system.
  • Check condition of radiator and heater hoses.
  • Check condition of lights, wipers and washers.
  • Road test vehicle. 



All major servicing is carried out according to manufacturers service schedules and recommendations incorporating all the above lubrication procedures.


We at Widerange find that it is the little things that make our services better.  Please be assured at Widerange that we do a complete safety check overy time we carry out a lube service.  We check tyres, lights, wipers and even run a vacuum over your car mats, taking great pride in returning your car to you in optimal condition.  


 We are very experienced and extremely competent and are able to carry out all work under HOW CAN WE HELP?  Please feel comfortable to make further enquires by phone or in person for details and costs of these more involved services.



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