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Widerange is the place where experience, efficiency and the latest technology come together for what ever job is necessary on your vehicle.



The latest technology from the United States of America was purchased by Widerange Auto Service in 2011 - the Modis123 Scan Tool.  This powerful hand held device connects directly into your vehicles computer system, showing engine management, transmission, ABS,SRS and stability control. Information is then used for fault identification and data checks during service procedures.

Modular diagnostic systems are an important part of service and maintenance for fault finding on your modern vehicle.  As technology advances at such a continuing rapid pace the way motor vehicles are built is changing too.  Diagnostics is an area of expertise which Widerange  offers using high tech specialised equipment.  Our staff regularly attend up to date training courses for information and growth in technology. 



The On-car Brake Lathe is used to skim and machine brakes for complete brake repairs. Safe brakes are of utmost importance and most workshops remove disks and sub contract disk machining.  This takes extended time and added expense to clients.  At Widerange we can provide this additional service for our clients saving you time and money.

The main benefits to our customers is that we can provide this service on the spot if replacement of pads is needed. After consultation with customer this can be scheduled giving the client the option to complete the job immediately or at there future convenience.

Computerized on-car brake lathe equipment is a benefit that our customers enjoy.  We provide a brake lathe guarantee, a perfect disc machine on all vehicles every time we replace brake pads at Widerange.



A leading custom made design wash bay facility incorporates a parts washer and plate separator.  The oil and greases are removed from the water and both are recycled correctly for minimal impact to the environment.

Your car is driven over the slightly tilted artificial floor.  Then high pressure water hoses can be used to blast the dirt away from the engine.  The wash bay can also be used to do a radiator flush, this can be done quickly without spillage keeping our workshop at Widerange a clean and safe environment.


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  • Modis Scan Tool
  • On-car Brake Lathe
  • Custom Wash Bay